Big things on the horizon.

In the last newsletter, we revealed the exciting news of Bruce having sculpted a monumental lion, named Dawn Patrol, for Longleat. The sculpture arrived in one piece and was very well received by Viscount Weymouth and the hundreds of visitors to the Park. While Bruce was in England to attend Longleat's 50th Anniversary celebrations and the unveiling of the monumental sculpture, further discussions were held with Milutin Gatsby, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's Global Fundraising Chairman, and it was decided that Bruce would donate a second monumental lion sculpture for the Foundation's annual gala event. The piece is to be auctioned off to the world's elite and is unique in that it has been cast with an inscription and signature from Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

Bruce Little Originals Newsletter



March 2016 - A MONUMENTAL start to 2016 - All is revealed.

During Bruce's recent visit to the UK, he met with Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth of Longleat, and James Henderson of Bell Pottinger, a global PR and communications Agency based in the UK, where some exciting plans were discussed and put into place for a Monumental Lion Sculpture. We have not disclosed too much information regarding the piece, aside from some images you may have come across on our varoius social media platforms, but the time has now come for us to reveal all!

Bruce Little Originals Newsletter



November 2015 - The inaugural Bruce Little Originals newsletter.

2016 is fast approaching with promise of great growth and change. In keeping with our own expansion, change and requests from collectors and admirers of Bruce's work, we are delighted to launch our inaugural Bruce Little Originals Newsletter aimed at keeping you, our loyal supporters, up to date with what's happening in the studio along with information on exciting new projects and upcoming exhibitions.

Bruce Little Originals Newsletter



September 2015 - New U.K. Exhibition to be held at 'Mall Galleries' in London September 28th 2015

This forthcoming exhibition will showcase alot of exciting new work. For the last year Bruce has been exploring the bond between man and nature using aspects of the human figure. While he admits he is first and foremost a sculptor of animals he has always wanted to sculpt the human figure. Many of the pieces in this exhibition reflect the new artistic journey he is taking. They have quite a contemporary feel and an inventiveness that often surprises.

The Mall Galleries are in Pall Mall, London, U.K. Find out more about the exhibition by following the link below.
Mall Galleries Exhibition September 2015

Mall Galleries Sept 2015


May 2015 - Keryn Daley joins the team

Keryn will be assisting Bruce with Exhibition Production and Marketing.

Nicky Kinnell